LinkedIn Launches New Tool for Job Seekers

LinkedIn has just made it easier for job seekers to be more visible to and get in touch with current hiring managers. Their latest offering is the Job Seeker Premium Account. The new features being offered includes: increased visiblity of “Featured” applicants when you apply to a job; access to hiring managers via InMail whether they’re in your LinkedIn network or not; and a Profile Organizer with the ability to save profiles, notes and contacts accumulated during a job search.

The service comes in two paid formats — sorry, no freemium model here — in addition to the Basic LinkedIn plan ($19.95/month), which does not offer the extra features. The Job Seeker plan is $28.95/mth, and Job Seeker Plus is $49.95/mth. The latter two plans offer access to the same features, just in larger quanties for the Plus plan. Their video explains further.

Just keep in mind that the Job Seeker Premium Account, despite its features, does not make someone any more qualified by using. However, LinkedIn also offers a Job Seeker Webinar, as part of the two available plans, that provides career guidance including tips on how to use the site to find a job. Also don’t forget to check out the LinkedIn iPhone app.

Do you use LinkedIn? If not, what social tools do you use for finding work?

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