LinkedIn’s Active Status Feature Shows You When Contacts Are Online

Users can turn their active status on or off in the settings menu

LinkedIn released a new Active Status feature, allowing users to see when their contacts are active on LinkedIn, or available on mobile.

With this update, when a user visits a contact’s profile, they’ll see a green dot next to the user’s profile photo if the user is currently using LinkedIn. If the green dot has a white circle in the middle, it means the user isn’t actively using LinkedIn, but they have push notifications enabled on their mobile device, and will be notified when they receive messages.

Users can turn their active status on or off by going into LinkedIn’s settings menu on either desktop or mobile. It’s worth noting, users will only be able to see their contacts’ statuses if their own active status is turned on.

Finally, users have the option to hide their active status from specific contacts. However, when a user hides their active status from a specific contact, they’ll also lose the ability to see when that user is online.

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