We notice things here at FishbowlDC. And one thing we’ve noticed is Lists. People love Lists. There’s this thing called Buzzfeed, for example -very popular. Thus we’ve decided to create our own Top Ten List. Behold: FishbowlDC’s Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists! Enjoy…

10) Washingtonian‘s top 10 DC restaurants. Essentially food porn. You’re welcome.

9) Forbe‘s top 10 healthcare quotes. BORRRRIINNGGGG. But also interesting.

8) IMDb’s worst movies. Olympus Has Fallen doesn’t really deserve to be on here does it????

7) NPR’s top 10 TV shows. Can ya guess what number 1 is? Here’s a hint: It’s Breaking Bad.

6) TIME‘s most surprising photos. Warning: this list is a major time-suck.

5) The Hill‘s most memorable quotes. Politicians saying crazy shit. It never gets old.

4) WIRED and Know Your Meme’s top 10 Internet memes. Surprise! “Twerking” is only number 5.

3) City Paper‘s best DC music. Don’t even think of heading up to CoHi or Bloomingdale without checking out this list.

2) Dylan Byer’s top 10 journos to watch in 2014. Spoiler alert: no FishbowlDC staff were included this year. You probably weren’t either.

1)  Top ten richest counties in the country  Believe it or not, 6 are in the DC Metro area. Way to go insanely rich contractors of Fairfax County! You’re winning!


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