List of The Top 10 Most Annoying Tweets

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools of it’s generation and is not only changing the way we communicate and do business but also the way we consume the latest news and how brands approach customer feedback. On the whole twitter is a good thing. There is however a noise factor with Twitter that makes it hard to deduce all the best information that flows through your stream on a daily basis. We get that it is a conversational tool but there are some tweets that should just be banned as they really don’t give you any insight yet they keep on popping up so without further ado here is our list of the top 10 most annoying tweets…

1. Morning, NN twitter, afternoon all

This just doesn’t add anything to the conversation and telling me that you are off to bed is not something that I really need to know!

2. Can you give this a Digg or stumble

We get the fact that you are very proud of the great content you have produced and that you want as many people to see it as possible but the fact of the matter is that you are in the same boat as a couple of other million people on the internet looking for traffic. Join the queue and let us decide ourselves what content we like when we see it.

3. You have no idea how busy I am

We get it you are busy. So is every other person on the planet right now and if you were that busy you wouldn’t have time to write about it on a micro blogging service to a group of what are mostly strangers.

4. I am out having dinner at conference with X and Y

We get the fact that you have hooked up with somebody you are proud to have met and this is a big deal for you but how about you concentrate on having a good time and connecting with the person in question in the real world and stop showing off to your online buddies.

5. #FollowFriday or #musicmonday

I’m really not that in to the ego stroking that is follow Friday. I have never followed anybody this way and there are far better ways of finding music socially that the cumbersome use of a hash tag for #musicmonday

6. Any sort of automated DM

If you can’t even be bothered to write me a human response and think it is a good idea to send me an automated DM linking to your blog or website then you are gone. Simple as that.

7. One more follower and I get to XXX

Forget about the numbers. I don’t care if you are stuck on 9999 or whatever other stupid number it is. The fact is half of your followers are a mixture of spam bots, people pimping their product and people who haven’t tweeted in about 3 months so what do numbers really matter?

8. The raging debate between 2 people you follow

Twitter is not for having arguments in public or polluting other people’s streams. Once it gets to the 2nd or 3rd message take it to DM’s, IM or email. We just don’t need to see 20 back and forths

9. My email inbox is soooooooo full today

Yeah we get it you are super popular and loads of people love you and they are all emailing you multi million dollar contracts and huge business proposals. We all get a lot of email and most of it is junk 🙂

10. What a goal by XX

I follow people from all over the world so when somebody is giving me blow by blow commentary from an American football game in Texas it really means very little to me.

Guest post:

This post is written by Niall Harbison who is the Co-founder @ Simply Zesty.

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