Lists are Made to Create Discussions & Arguments: TechLand's Top 10 Hottest iPhone Games

Peter Ha of Time’s TechLand has compiled the:

Top 10 Hottest iPhone Games Right Meow

Peter doesn’t hide the purely personal decisions that went into creating this list. I don’t play enough games on the iPhone (or iPad) to come up with my own list of guesses. But, I will say this: Based on Apple’s list of the top paids apps, there is a very different list of the most bought iPhone games:

2. Doodle Jump
4. Zombie Smash
6. Diner Dash
8. Skee-Ball
9. Angry Birds

The only game in the Apple’s list of iPad paid apps is Real Racing HD. I tried it on a friend’s iPad and am tempted to buy a copy for myself this weekend.

My favorite paid iPad game is still Plants Vs. Zombies HD ($9.99). My favorite free iPad game is ngmoco’s Farmville clone: “We Rule for iPad”. Yes, I managed to have never played Farmville on Facebook. But, I couldn’t escape We Rule’s lure on the iPad 🙁