Twitter Introduces Lists – Now, Can We Kill Off #followfriday For Good?

It’s not available to everybody just yet, but Twitter has started to add the promised lists feature to user accounts.

Already, many lists have been built. You can check out the Twitter team here, for example. And when you visit a list page, you can easily follow the updates of everybody within that group, and more conveniently, add them all with just one click.

Within your own profile, you’ll (soon) notice a new lists link where you can check out any lists to which you have been added.

From here you can also see any lists you are following yourself.

This, of course, poses a major threat to the very similar TweepML service. More agreeably, it should also hopefully put a major dent in the #followfriday meme, which is, in my opinion, well past its sell-by date.

This will be an extremely useful feature for any and all tribes that use the Twitter platform – for example, it’s now very easy to link up everybody who works at a given organisation, and fans can quickly group their favourite sports teams and TV show casts.

One (obvious) thing that’s missing would be a way to add a note next to each person in your list explaining why they have been included. Otherwise, there’s not much more incentive to follow anybody within that group (and certainly the entire group itself) just because they’re there.

If it’s an established team (like the aforementioned Twitter or Mashable lists) then I can immediately see the value. It’s less apparent when it’s a list of people you don’t know who have been collated simply because they’re ‘cool’ in the opinion of somebody else. This of course is one of the more common complaints about #followfriday recommendations when made in bulk. And it won’t be too long before some genius starts putting lists of mass-marketers and spammers together. (Maybe a way to mass unfollow or block everybody in a given list might be nice?)

Still, this should be fun, and I would imagine could have a positive effect on many of our follower counts. Will you be building any lists? Let me know your thoughts in the comments area below.

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