Live from AWP: Graywolf Press to Have eBooks by Fall

We talked today to Graywolf Press‘s “eBook Taskforce,” who said they too are in the process of getting their list into digital format. BookMobile is handling conversion–because, said managing editor Katie Dublinski, they want to preserve the control over production values they have with BookMobile. Graywolf eBooks will be distributed, however, through Macmillan, which also distributes the press’s print books.

Dublinski said they plan to have most of their frontlist titles up by fall, and that they are also converting selected backlist, though not in a chronological manner. Interestingly, since much of Graywolf’s list is poetry, the press has decided to make those titles available as PDFs in order to preserve formatting. Many presses have been holding off on doing poetry eBooks because in most cases line breaks aren’t preserved on eReaders.

Graywolf does have one title currently available in digital form: Per Petterson’s Out Stealing Horses, which has been exclusively available for Kindle since 2008, said Dublinski, Amazon approached them when the book was a surprise success when it was published.