Livemap: A Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet with Google Glass Technology

My imagination thinks that a marriage of motorcycles and virtual reality probably resembles a Light Cycle match à la Tron, but it actually turned out to be a lot more realistic and extremely useful. I’m pleasantly surprised that there’s not a similar product already, but Livemap is the first of its kind to merge minimal, modern designs with technology to bring a navigation system to motorcyclists with voice activation.


Imagine taking a trip on your motorbike and using your smartphone for directions. It’s a hassle and not always safe. With the Livemap, you can get all of the technological advantages of augmented reality with motion tracking that enables your image to move with your sightline. Since the makers of Livemap are interested in safety, they’re also developing their own interface to prevent drivers from watching videos or playing games while riding. Safety first!

To fund this project, visit the flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo.