Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Desktop Apps for Windows & Mac OS X Upgraded to Version 2.1 & Fixed My Stablity Issues

The LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen is a frequently used gadget in my mobile toolkit. The pen can record both audio and digital ink (handwriting without recognition) and associate the two in time (what was said when somethng was written). I usually bring out the pen a few times a week during meetings.

However, syncing the pen to either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X has been a problem for the past month or so. LiveScribe Desktop for Windows has been frequently crashing while the Desktop for Mac has been acting erratically (though not crashing).

LiveScribe released a 2.2 firmware update for the pen itself on February 25 that dealt with power management improvements. However, my pen was not updated until yesterday (April 8) because, I’m guessing, of my desktop software problems.

LiveScribe Desktop for Windows 2.1 was released on April 6 and seems to have fixed whatever problems were causing crashes under Windows 7. It also provides a new feature that allows assembling pages from notebooks into Custom Notebooks. Livescribe Desktop for Mac OSX 2.1 was also released on April 6. Syncing with my Mac looks much more stable now too. Mac users gain the ability to search all synced notebooks and smartpens with this release.

LiveScribe Release Notes

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