LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen Product Refresh: 4GB Model Now Available

Image courtesy of LiveScribe

I bought the 2GB model of the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen in May and have used it quite a bit since then. You can hear some of my early thoughts about it in this mini-podcast from May 11…

Mini-Podcast 9: LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen Sound Quality Sample & Info About Multi-PC Syncing

The 1GB and 2GB models had been out for over a year when I bought my pen. So, it is no surprise that LiveScribe is refreshing their product line for the 2009 holiday gift buying season.

Livescribe Expands The Pulse Smartpen Portfolio In Time For Holiday Gift—Giving

The 1GB model is gone. The 2GB model is priced at $169.95. Its priced dropped from $199.95 during the summer. The new 4GB model is priced at $199.95. There’s also a 4GB model in a Pro Pack bundle for $249.95 that includes a Pro Charging Cradle that can charge the phone from an A/C outlet in addition USB. The bundle also includes a premium leather pen case and the MyScript handwriting-to-text recognition software. The new Pro Pack does not seem to include the 4-pack of notebooks and extra ink cartridges that were in the former Pro Pack bundle.

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