Living With An iPad On A 250 MB 3G Limit

Yesterday I wrote that I only managed to make it through ten days using the 250 MB 3G plan on my iPad. At the time I was using that plan I chose to not change how I would use the Internet connection so that I could see how long 250 MB would get me based on my actual use. In all honesty I did not expect to be able to live within a 250 MB per month constraint, so the upgrade to the $29.99 unlimited plan was not unexpected. However, if your situation is different and you want to do all that you can to only use the 250 MB plan, then I suggest Glenn Fleishman’s article, “Managing Your 250 MB iPad 3G Plan.”

I think that many of the suggestions that Glenn makes diminish the value of buying the 3G version of the iPad. For example, keeping the Cellular Data off until you use it prevents you from receiving push e-mail and other notifications on the iPad. Glenn makes good suggestions about avoiding certain apps that use high amounts of data, but frankly I find the idea of having to think about what apps use on the network to be burdensome. Sticking to the 250 MB plan means you are mostly using the Wi-Fi radio and only use the 3G network when absolutely necessary. At that rate, I think that you might as well just buy the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad.

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