LivingSocial Doubles in Size On This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps By MAU

Treasure Isle did even better over the past week than the one before, easily landing at the top of our weekly list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by monthly active users with well over seven million new MAU. It’s rare to see any app gain users so quickly, and we haven’t seen a game do it since before Christmas. Of course, Isle is backed by Zynga, while Hotel City, at number two, has Playfish / EA behind the scenes.

The two games are followed up by LivingSocial, which doesn’t have a huge company backing it — but it does have money. As we pointed out last week, LivingSocial recently raised $25 million to expand, and it seems to be making good use of the funds. Still, the app has a long way to go to reach its previous highs; a year ago, we were writing about it reaching 10 million MAU.

Here’s the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle 21,796,889 +7,386,930 +51.26
2. Hotel City 11,658,606 +2,995,518 +34.58
3. LivingSocial 4,733,672 +2,800,117 +144.82
4. Causes 25,369,088 +1,232,852 +5.11
5. Family Feud 2,902,844 +972,936 +50.41
6. Name Analyzer 1,136,818 +950,566 +510.37
7. Zoo Paradise 4,480,205 +627,389 +16.28
8. Tiki Resort 5,842,907 +621,080 +11.89
9. Facebook for iPhone 33,006,112 +575,000 +1.77
10. Mall World 1,434,806 +553,600 +62.82
11. Family Tree 5,564,096 +481,813 +9.48
12. Music 11,826,556 +461,472 +4.06
13. iKarma 1,129,123 +398,390 +54.52
14. Yearbook 3,037,640 +371,019 +13.91
15. Kingdoms of Camelot 2,086,825 +360,963 +20.91
16. Bubble Island 6,055,854 +331,747 +5.80
17. Garden Life 1,132,510 +291,177 +34.61
18. Social City 12,537,726 +286,627 +2.34
19. Fish Friends 1,008,319 +280,969 +38.63
20. Your Luck [daily] 4,237,360 +278,523 +7.04

Causes had its most significant weekly gain in several months with 1.23 million new MAU, although the app is still fairly flat in the long term. Last week was Earth Day, and a few other causes, so maybe users enthusiasm for those topics helped give the app a boost? Keep an eye out on Causes, in any case. Organizations with causes running within the app can post bulletins to their supporters’ news feeds as a result of some of the changes Facebook announced last week. The growth you’re seeing here started happening a couple days in advance of the announcement, so we assume that the app has been growing for other reasons, but we’ll be watching to see if the news feed posting ability has an effect on traffic.

Moving down the list, the Family Feud app continues to boom. The app started growing a month ago, and it’s now at nearly 3 million MAU. As we noted in our original review, the game basically patterns itself after the long-running TV show of the same name. There may be some lessons here for other TV game shows looking to market themselves on Facebook.

Other non-game notables include Name Analyzer, a simple app that tells you “the secret meaning of your name,” iLike’s Music app and lastly Your Luck [daily], an invite and ad-filled app that gives you a random “luck” score every day. As it says, “Many people believe in application generated scores, try yourself to check your luck. Good luck!”

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