LivingSocial’s Customers Are Younger, Richer, and Better Educated Than Groupon’s

And most of them are women

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According to a study from Nielsen Co., LivingSocial users are richer, younger, and more educated than Groupon's.

Nielsen’s survey data, gathered from 200,000 Internet users, shows that people who use LivingSocial are 49 percent more likely than the average American online to make at least $150,000 a year, compared to 30 percent of Groupon users. LivingSocial customers are also younger (51 percent of them are between 35 and 64, while 57 percent of Groupon’s customers fall in that range), and they’re better educated (46 percent of its users had attended or graduated college or received other degrees, compared with Groupon at 39 percent).

The survey also found that two-thirds of LivingSocial users are women and discovered that the most popular deals with users 18 and older are for gardening services, followed by home repairs and religious involvement.

LivingSocial is currently the second-largest daily deals site while Groupon holds the top spot.

@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.
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