Llewellyn Rediscovers the Bus, Toilet Included

Llewellyn King, the delightfully unscripted Sunday morning political talk show host of WETA’s “White House Chronicle,” is falling in love with the bus all over again. Or, by the way he marvels over this form of transportation, perhaps for the first time.

“I’m a train person,” King declared at the top of his show this weekend. “I always ride trains. I love trains. I’ve taken them from Capetown, I’ve taken them across Europe. I take a train to work everyday, a commuter train. So it comes with some sadness that I report to you that I cannot work out any enthusiasm for high speed rail in the U.S. Too expensive. We don’t have the rights of way and we have been left behind by the Europeans, the Japanese and the Chinese.”

But then something “extraordinary” happened — he hopped on the cheap as dirt bus from D.C. to NYC. “I went from Washington to New York on a bus for 19 dollars and returned to Washington for 15 dollars, which is one dollar more than the whole eastern shuffle. We may not need fast trains. We need better trains on the tracks we have, better trains. Acela can only do 150 mph periodically.”

And who could resist those fantastic bus perks? “I can work on my computer, there is a toilet, it frequently stops for refreshments, or once for refreshments, and it’s comfortable. This is not your father’s bus. We better reexamine the beloved chuff chuff and go by bus. …It’s cheaper and it’s quite amazingly comfortable, complete with wiiii-fiiii.”

So long chuff chuff. With Llewellyn around, your days are numbered.

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