Localytics: Samsung Galaxy S5 first week sales similar to iPhone 5S


On April 11, Samsung launched its Galaxy S5 Android smartphone. According to new data from mobile app analytics company Localytics, within a week of its global release, the Galaxy S5 made up 0.7 percent of all active Android smartphones worldwide, and has an early adoption rate similar to that seen with the release of the iPhone 5S.

Localytics compared the launches of both devices, and found within one week of its launch, the iPhone 5S accounted for 1.1 percent of all iPhones. The difference between the two figures, says Localytics, is likely due to device competition, as consumers have many more Android devices to choose from. Still, the high figure for the Galaxy S5, even amid such competition, is impressive.

Of the 0.7 percent market share, 64 percent of adopted Galaxy S5 devices were found in the US, followed by Europe at 23 percent. When comparing the S5 to its predecessor the S4, the S4 currently has a 51 percent market share in the US, and 28 percent in Europe.

Adoption for the Galaxy S5 is expected to grow in Europe in the coming weeks and months, as the device is not yet available in all European countries.

A full breakdown of Localytics’ findings is available on the company’s website.