Lock2Learn on Android Makes Kids’ Device Time More Productive

The app periodically challenges children with grade-specific questions which must be correctly answered before they can continue using the device.

Lock2Learn has announced the release of its Android app for smartphones and tablets, which aims to make a child’s device time more productive by periodically presenting them with grade-specific questions they must correctly answer before continuing to use the device.

The Lock2Learn app was designed for children in kindergarten through eight grade, and allows parents to determine how often their child will receive questions, with intervals ranging from two to 60 minutes. These quizzes can be one to 10 questions in length, and are offered in two subjects: math and english.

The Lock2Learn app supports up to six profiles, for parents with multiple children. Parents can also use the app to block specific apps, so their children can’t access them while using the device.

As children interact with the platform, parents can view performance reports online (or receive them via email), which allow them to see how their kids are performing across each subject, and how their device is being used.

In a statement, Ryan Weldon, founder of Lock2Learn, commented:

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives and completely eliminating screen time is just not realistic. What is more realistic is encouraging healthy, productive and balanced screen time. Rather than restrict screen time, we developed the Lock2Learn app to tap into the potential for a smart device to serve as an engaging learning platform and create natural interactions during device use. We want to give kids every chance at a bright future and Lock2Learn supplements and reinforces the classroom learning kids get at school with a device-based learning program.

Lock2Learn is available to download for free on the Google Play store in the United States. The app includes 50 free questions for each grade level, with additional question packs available to purchase for $1.99 per subject per grade.