Locomu: The Newest Twitter App Directory in Town [Interview]

Finding the right tools to monitor, update and optimize your Twitter presence isn’t easy. There are thousands of third-party apps that do all sorts of things, from finding the best time for you to tweet to compiling comprehensive statistics about your followers. The folks at InfoShore have created Locomu, a directory of Twitter apps, to make people’s lives easier when looking for the right tool for the job. We had the chance to chat with Ashish Arora Co-Founder Director at InfoShore about why he created Locomu, the newest Twitter app directory in town.

1 – Can you give us some background information on Locomu?

Well, Locomu is backed by InfoShore. InfoShore is a Software Development and Internet Marketing Company. InfoShore was founded by Ashish Arora, Rohit Khariwal and Pankaj Narang. InfoShore also founded www.tweetidol.in (Twitter Application) and www.seocommunity.in (SEO Forums for Indian SEO Professionals).

2 – What kind of business model supports Locomu?

Our main focus is to provide users one stop place to search for all kind of twitter apps. Eventually We have planned to monetize the website via Advertisements, sponsored app listings and by becoming affiliate of Paid apps.

3 – How do you find apps to include in your database? How often do you include new apps?

We are finding the new apps via different searches on Google & Bing and we are adding 10+ apps on daily basis.

4 – How does Locomu set itself apart from etablished competitors like oneforty.com?

Oneforty is now more focussed towards business users but Locomu covers all category of twitter users.

5 – What are your plans for the future?

Our initial plan is to keep adding new and useful apps and become the best twitter apps discovery engine. We plan to add 8000+ apps by year end.

6 – Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about Locomu?

There is an interesting fact about the Domain. locomu.com was bought for another product but when we started the idea of twitter apps directory; we thought to use this domain.

Locomu is funded by our parent company InfoShore.

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