Loeb Awards Finalists Announced; NYT Editor Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

The UCLA Anderson School of Management has announced the finalists for the 2010 Gerald Loeb Awards for business and financial journalism.

The school also announced its winners for the lifetime achievement award and the Lawrence Minard Editor Award. Walt Bogdanich, assistant investigative editor at The New York Times will be taking home the lifetime achievement trophy, and The Wall Street Journal‘s Alix Freedman gets the Minard prize.

As for the tally, The New York Times rocked the nominee contest, garnering 11 nominations (if you count one for the Times Magazine and another for Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book, Too Big to Fail). The Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair!) tied (tied!) for second at four nominations apiece. Fortune and SmartMoney each got two noms, and Wired and Bloomberg BusinessWeek both got one.

Full list of nominees after the jump.

Large Newspapers Category Finalists

• Gretchen Morgenson, Don Van Natta Jr., Peter S. Goodman and Jenny Anderson for “Back to Business” in The New York Times
• Michael Moss and Andrew Martin for “Food Safety” in The New York Times
• Charles Duhigg for “Toxic Waters” in The New York Times
• Kate Kelly, Jon Hilsenrath, Dan Fitzpatrick, Suzanne Craig, Deborah Solomon, Damian Paletta and David Enrich for “USA Inc.: The State of Capitalism” in The Wall Street Journal
• Mark Maremont for “The Talented Mr. Pang” in The Wall Street Journal

Medium & Small Newspapers Category Finalists

• Rick Montgomery and Dan Margolies for “Enterprise Rent-A-Car Airbags” in The Kansas City Star
• Michael Sallah, Rob Barry and Lucy Komisar for “Keys to the Kingdom: How State Regulators Enabled a $7 Billion Ponzi Scheme” in The Miami Herald
• Raquel Rutledge for “Cashing in on Kids” in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
• Kirsten Grind for “WaMu’s Final Days” in Puget Sound Business Journal

Magazines Category Finalists

• James Bandler, Nicholas Varchaver and Doris Burke for “How Bernie Did It” in Fortune Magazine
• Joe Nocera for “Risk Mismanagement” in The New York Times Magazine
• Nina Munk for “Rich Harvard, Poor Harvard” in Vanity Fair
• Fred Vogelstein for “Facebook Versus Google” in Wired Magazine

Commentary Category Finalists

• David Leonhardt for “Economic Scene” in The New York Times
• Joseph E. Stiglitz for “Capitalist Fools and Wall Street’s Toxic Message” in Vanity Fair
• Michael Wolff for “The Ultimate Bubble and Rupert to Internet: It’s War!” in Vanity Fair
• Steven Pearlstein for “Commentary by Steven Pearlstein” in The Washington Post

Breaking News Category Finalists

• Matthew Goldstein for “Stanford Financial Coverage” in Bloomberg BusinessWeek
• Christine Tierney, David Shepardson and Gordon Trowbridge for “Breaking News (Big 3)” in The Detroit News
• Louise Story for “Return of the Big Payday” in The New York Times
• Jon Hilsenrath and Kate Kelly for “New York Fed Chairman’s Ties to Goldman Raise Questions” in The Wall Street Journal
• Brady Dennis, David Cho and Binyamin Appelbaum for “AIG” in The Washington Post

Beat Writing Category Finalists

• Greg Sandoval for “SpiralFrog Coverage” in CNET
• Ralph Vartabedian and Ken Bensinger for “The Toyota Recall” in Los Angeles Times
• Michael Moss and Andrew Martin for “Food Safety” in The New York Times
• Aaron Kessler for “Contaminated Chinese Drywall” in Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Feature Writing Category Finalists

• James Bandler and Doris Burke for “The Grifter?” in Fortune Magazine
• David Segal for “After the Meltdown” in The New York Times
• Michael Lewis for “Wall Street on the Tundra” in Vanity Fair
• Robert A. Guth, Susan Pulliam and Justin Scheck for “The Network” in The Wall Street Journal

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