LogMeIn Ignition Beta For Android

Do you want to run Windows 7 on your Android phone? No, someone has not figured out how to port Windows 7 to the Droid (though someone has ported Android to the iPhone 3G) but you can access Windows and Mac desktop computers with an Android phone using a beta copy of LogMeIn Ignition.

LogMeIn Ignition has been available for the iPhone for a while, and there is an iPad version that I am considering though it costs $29.99. There are two components to enabling access to desktop computers. First, you create a LogMeIn account and then download and install a Windows or OS X application. The desktop application makes a secure connection to LogMeIn’s servers on the Internet and runs in the background on your PC.

The second component is the LogMeIn application for Android, iPhone, or iPad. When you run the smartphone version of LogMeIn Ignition, it also logs in to LogMeIn’s servers and there servers then establish the connection between the phone and desktop PC. Obviously, the iPhone and Android phone screen sizes are too small to work efficiently with the entire computer, but you can slide the display with your finger pretty quickly and the whole process can be handy for quickly retrieving some information. I know of several people who use LogMeIn to provide PC support in their family, just install LogMeIn on your parent’s computer and have them run the program whenever you need to connect to help fix the problem.

The beta,which expires on May 31, 2010, is currently in the Android Market.