London 2012 Olympics Organizers Unveil Lin Cheung-Designed Paralympic Games Medals

Back in late July, you might remember, the London 2012 Organizing Committee unveiled the David Watkins-designed medals to be given out to the winners of next year’s impending Olympics. Those for the other half of the event, the Paralympic Games, have now been displayed at a press conference held late yesterday. Designed by jeweler and object-craftsman Lin Cheung, they seem to depart a touch from Watkins’ designs, offering something a bit more abstract and, in out opinion, much more poetic and appealing. The organizers describe Cheung’s medals as something that “not only represents the core values, beliefs and spirit of the Games, but that is also a desirable object, rich in elements of illustration, typography and texture,” which is a bit heavy on the symbolism. For a “so what’s the thing look like?” angle, here’s a better description a few lines down on the press release:

The obverse side of the medal represents ‘Spirit in motion’. The image struck into the obverse surface of the Paralympic medal is an imagined close-up section of an outstretched wing of the Greek Goddess of Victory. This image represents forward flight, power and lightness, making it a natural metaphor for the spirit of the Paralympic Games.

The reverse of the medal represents ‘The heart of victory’. Symbolising inclusion and togetherness, it incorporates a direct mould from the heart area of the plaster cast of ‘The Nike of Paionios’, the Greek Goddess of Victory, residing in the British Museum Cast Collection.

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