London Design Festival Plans for Robots, Neville Brody to Launch Anti-Festival

Perhaps trying to outdo last year, with Jaime Hayon‘s giant chess set installed in Trafalgar Square, the London Design Festival has announced that for 2010 they’ve paired with Reed Kram and Clemens Weisshaar, the designers/architects and regular Rem Koolhaas/Prada collaborators, to dream something up for the Square when the fest kicks off in mid-September. What they’ve delivered, of course, is robots. Robots that make pretty things out of light:

The installation titled “Outrace” consists of an immense mechanical octopus assembled from six industrial robotic arms on loan from Audi’s production line. Custom software developed by the designers will allow members of the public to temporarily take over the installation and render text input as light traces drawn by the synchronized mechanical tentacles. The resulting light paintings will be recorded using specialized high definition video equipment and published online.

Beyond the fest and its joy-manufacturing robots, it’s been (as far as we’ve been able to find) informally announced that Neville Brody, famous designer and new head of the Royal College of Art, will be running the Anti-London Design Festival. Here’s a tiny bit more info from the Visit London blog:

Based in and around Redchurch Street, events will include a “microplex” cinema seating just five people. Brody says, “You can see us as an ugly sister or an ugly cousin of the Design Festival. It’s time to tear up the plans and see what happens. You’re all invited!”