London on the Hunt for a New Skyline

It’s easy for we here in Chicago to get complacent over our skyline, given that we have the best in the world. But what about all those poor other cities who need some help in making their outline look appealing? London, for one, is doing something about it with the launch of the “New London Skyline” contest (PDF). It’s a joint effort put on by Transport for London and the London Festival of Architecture, which is calling for submissions to both make the city look good and serve as a sort of replacement for the familiar skyline illustration from 1908. While there have been a few new buildings built since then, we can’t imagine that any entry will skip things like Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. But add what you please and see if you get a bite from the judges, who run an impressive gamut, from Pentagram‘s Angus Hyland to Design Week‘s Lynda Relph-Knight. The prize is £1000 and some sort of big roll out at this June’s Festival of Architecture, and as far as we can tell, isn’t limited just to Britons, so have at it.

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