Long Anticipated Facebook for iPad App May be Announced Soon… Or Not?

Despite the iPad’s market success, Facebook has managed to essentially ignore it since the iPad’s launch in April 2010. In mid-June of this year, we heard rumblings that an iPad app from Facebook was mere weeks away. And, yet, here we are nearing October with no official Facebook app for the iPad.

Official Facebook for iPad App May Be Available in a Few Weeks (Social Times, June 17)


Then, just yesterday, TechCrunch reported that Facebook’s former iPad app developer noted that the app was feature complete in May. However, that comment has apparently been deleted from the blog item in recent hours (Back to the Bay Area).

Facebook’s iPad App Was Feature Complete In May, But They Won’t Release It, So The Developer Quit (TechCrunch)

Hours after that, Mashable reported that the long awaited official Facebook for iPad app would be launched at the same time that an iPhone 5 announcement is expected next week.

Facebook to Launch iPad App at Apple’s iPhone 5 Event [EXCLUSIVE] (Mashable)

The New York Times, however, says that non-technical issues continue to block the Facebook for iPad app release.

Facebook iPad App Still Snagged in Negotiations (New York Times)

The so-far unconfirmed Facebook for iPad app has taken more story twists than a mystery novel. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another twist or two emerge.

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