Looking at Social Media Costs: $400 for a Tweet Up, $15k a Month for Training

Just when one thinks the hype cycle around social media marketing has potentially peaked, one realizes that it’s not even close. That brings us to today’s story in The Wall Street Journal on social media services and what different firms are charging.

Back of the House USA LLC, a provider of back-office support to solo entrepreneurs, pays between $5,000 and $15,000 a month for “‘technical guidance’ in using social media from consultants.”

Red Square Agency Inc. charges “around $200 an hour,” for social consulting services and and ThinkInk LLC charges “$10,000 to $20,000 a month for the integrated services.” Another company, 3 Green Angels, charges $400 to organize “Twitter parties — real-time discussions on specific topics.”

How do these prices compare to what full service agencies are charging, and what percentage of agency’s revenue is coming from social services? We spoke with the Council of PR Firm’s Matt Shaw, who said a lot of firms are not successful in differentiating social media revenue from media relations or other services, “as it’s part of their standard offerings. They don’t necessary call out social media as a separate area.” Shaw also pointed us to a recent survey by the Council in which 82% of respondents said online/digital will be the “most productive specialty areas this year.”

[image: Matt Hamm/Flickr]

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