Looking For A Recession-Proof Job? Try Custom Publishing

Custom publishing—including print products, e-newsletters, and corporate blogs—has weathered the recession better than other forms of media, minonline reports. This is sort of obvious as companies will continue to pay people to produce editorial content even if (or in spite of) there are no ads to offset the cost.

But what we didn’t realize was how big the business is. According to the Custom Content Council, U.S. companies spent $47.2 billion in 2009 on branded content, and that the average company spends a third of its advertising and marketing budget on custom content rather than traditional advertising.

As the number of custom titles per brand declined from 1.9 to 1.7, page count and circulation increased and the quality of the remaining publications rose.

“The data shows just how much change the industry has undergone in 12 months and we haven’t even touched the social media surface,” says Council executive director Lori Rosen.

So if you’re looking for something slightly more stable than a traditional media job, you could consider any one of the custom publishers on the CCC’s membership list.