Looks Like Vine Is Here to Stay

Our readers may be forgiven for responding to Twitter’s Vine app with a shrug and a “meh.” When we first saw it, we were very skeptical of reports that it was the hot new thing among the kids who’ve apparently grown bored with Facebook and don’t follow politics or tech news closely enough to bother with plain old Twitter.

One thing we will say: it’s somewhat difficult to create truly interesting content with Vine! There’s a real art to it, as you can see by our failure to convey the awesomeness of these massive koi pond goldfish on our first attempt:

At any rate, this week’s numbers should give the haters pause: Vine has achieved the #1 app spot on the iTunes store just six months after its release. In other words, get familiar with this little app as soon as you can, because your clients will start asking about it if they haven’t already.

What’s to know that we haven’t already reported?

The most important development in the Vine world involves the new “trending hashtags” function. One of the reasons we haven’t been so hot on the app in the past is that it’s very difficult to “discover” users or clips that haven’t been selected by the app’s editors, despite the fact that the “discover” tab has some cute categories like “food” and “pets.” The point: now it will be far easier to see what the public is watching and come up with promo content that might actually hold the kids’ precious attention for a whopping six seconds.

Of course, this development means that every Vine clip needs at least one strategically chosen hashtag. And again, there’s more of an art to this than you might think.

In case you missed it, here are ten of our favorite brands on Vine. We have no doubt that we could expand the list to 20 or 30 or 50 now, but that’s a post for a later date. Oh, and someone with food industry clients needs to hire this guy already. That is all.

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