Loosecubes Pairs Up Workers and Office Spaces

An article on Business Insider’s site tipped me off to the existence of this intriguing concept, Loosecubes. It’s like a CouchSurfing or a dating service for workers and offices. Independent workers seeking the amenities and social contact of office life can find stray cubicles to rent on a flexible basis. Meanwhile, offices with some bonus space can make a little scratch and maybe get some interesting people in the door.

Business Insider talked to Campbell McKellar, the 32-year-old founder of Loosecubes:

She’s a social person and doesn’t want to work alone. Instead, she wants to work virtually from anywhere but keep the office in the picture. With Loosecubes, she hopes people will be able to walk down the street to an office of their choice, and meet new people to work alongside.

As a freelancer, I’m often on the lookout for ways to get out of the house and rub elbows with other workers as a respite from home. In fact, a freelancers’ meetup is how I met your customary blogger here at MJD. But I’m not willing to pay a lot, so I’d rather get a sandwich and coffee than commit to a cubicle. Still, I always appreciate services such as Loosecubes and CouchSurfing that help people connect in unexpected ways.

Have you used Loosecubes, or would you? What other collaborative work environments have you tried?

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