UCLA Grad Finds Phat Success with Chubby Can Kill

Tomorrow night at the Laemmle Sunset 5, as part of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, a Cantonese language short will screen. Titled Chubby Can Kill, it was made in Hong Kong by UCLA English major grad Kevin Ung.

Ung actually applied to UCLA film school, but was rejected. Instead of going the mopey route, he gathered himself and landed a $5,000 grant while in Hong Kong during his third year. He tells the Daily Bruin the film’s storyline is one he can identify with:

Chubby is a comedy about an overweight video store clerk bullied by local gangsters, until he attempts to defeat them by emulating his favorite movie heroes. This underdog story appears to mirror Ung’s pursuit of a career in film. “It seems to be the trend in my life where people tell me I can’t do this … but I do it anyway,” Ung said.

Ung has certainly come up with a sequel-ready starring vehicle. Just imagine the follow-on possibilities: Chubby Can Drive, Chubby Can Fly, Chubby Can Brew

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