MLB Messes Up Don Mattingly’s Birthday

Today is Dodger manager Don Mattingly‘s 50th birthday. But any dugout surprises that might have been planned by players for tonight’s game against the Atlanta Braves must now give way to this afternoon’s startling announcement that Major League Baseball intends to take over day-to-day operation of the club and thus put a stop to the financial shenanigans of Frank McCourt.

The convergence of a skipper’s half-century mark with one of the most momentous declarations in MLB history is an instant trivia oddity. Mattingly, for better or worse, will now always remember his 50th as the day this Bud came looking for you-know-who.

There’s some additional noteworthy baseball trivia attached to today’s date. On this day back in 1912, Boston’s Fenway Park officially opened.

McCourt was a familiar sight at Fenway before his term as Dodgers owner, and of course tried to buy the Red Sox in a failed 2001 bid that would have trashed Fenway. Instead, he has trashed the Dodgers. All together now: “Take me out to the shell game…”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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