Lose the Resumé, Start Tweeting

Experiment Tests Twitter’s Job Power

The clever folks at Guardian Careers, the newspaper’s one stop shop for career advice, want to know if we can expect to enter the post-CV era anytime soon. The site posed a challenge to its readers: Use the hashtag #TwitterJobChallenge and try microblogging to get off the dole.

More than 500 tweeters have joined the challenge thus far, taking a wide range of approaches to catch the eye of future employers. Job seekers have tried the simple: "Fancy hiring me then @guardiannews?" the aggressive, "@LabourParty Had many rejections from you because of my lack of experience. Hire me and I'll prove you don't need it!" and the cheeky "GSOH advertising student seeks attractive Advertising Agency for work placement, possibly more."

Employers are getting in on the fun as well, saying contact through Twitter allows them to get a better idea of a candidate's personality beyond the formalities of a cover letter or interview. Though the Guardian has yet to hear of any outright successes, the Careers team confirms that some hopefuls have made contacts and received advice from eager employers. One contestant boasts, "3 replies: 1 contact made, 1 spec application suggestion and 1 email alert suggested, good progress!"

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