Lost DVD to Add 20 Minutes of Footage: Why Not Publish an eBook?

Lost concluded its epic run last night, but TV Guide reports the producers aren’t done yet–the sixth season DVD will include “upwards of twenty minutes of additional storyline.” It proves our point from last week: Lost needs a digital guidebook, with video links, hyperlinks, and tons of special features.

If you can’t wait for the DVD, today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Nikki Stafford, author of the five unofficial guides to the hit television show. She also keeps the popular blog, Nik at Nite.

Today Stafford shared her overall theory about the show. She also answered some of the thorniest questions from the last episode: What did the final shot mean? Why were crucial characters missing? Why did all the characters end up in church?

Share your theories in the comments. Press play below to listen.

Here’s an excerpt, an important reminder for all storytellers: “The thing I love about our reactions to the show is we take those moments that were so sentimental, the moments that came right down to the people. There were people complaining today, ‘I got so wrapped up in the science and the physics and they didn’t answer any of that!’ But it’s about people! That’s what it came down to. And that’s what’s so important about the finale, to me.”

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