Lost Finale Theories–It Could Have Been a Great eBook

The television show Lost was made a few years before the eBook revolution. The show ends on Sunday, May 23rd, but the creators have made for an amazing enhanced eBook for the show.

Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Nikki Stafford, author of the five unofficial guides to the hit television show. She also keeps the popular blog, Nik at Nite.

Today Stafford discussed highlights and theories about the final season of the cult program. The author will return on Monday morning to discuss the finale of the series.

Here’s an excerpt: “What set Lost apart was that right from the very beginning conversation has been marked by speculation–‘what did that mean?,’ ‘What’s going to happen next?’ and ‘What if, what if?’ As of May 24th, we know ‘What if.’ We won’t have all the questions answered and there’s no more ‘What’s going to happen next?’ because there is no next.”

She concluded: “Now the discussion is going to entirely turn the opposite direction–like switching from flashback to flashforward…Now we are going to be looking back at the entire series and really discussing things…We’ve go to piece together the answers from what we’ve been given. They won’t all be obvious. They are going to make us do more of the work here.”

If you don’t like Lost, here’s the perfect link for you…