Love and Dragons: Game Insight’s newest hidden object game comes to iPad

Image via Game Insight

Casual and mobile game company Game Insight has announced the release of its newest game on iPad, Love and Dragons. The hidden object game sees players entering a world of warriors, wizards and dragons as they join a young girl named Miralda on a quest to change the world.

The gameplay of Love and Dragons is similar to other Game Insight hidden object games, like Mirrors of Albion. Players are presented with an overall world map, and can tap on different buildings, each associated with a hidden object scene. Players are guided through the game via a lengthy quest series, and are introduced to a variety of characters, including talking dragons.

While locations remain the same, each instance of hidden object gameplay may be different. For instance, one scene may be totally traditional, asking players to just find items on a text list, while another may present players with item silhouettes. The more items found in rapid succession, the more combo points players receive.

Image via Game Insight

Scenes can be replayed multiple times to earn experience points or collectibles used to complete quests, and additional scenes are unlocked as players level up. After the free supply runs out, multiple hints are available for purchase with real money. Love and Dragons is further monetized via the purchase of coins or energy potions, which can be used to increase the length of a single gameplay session.

Love and Dragons is now available to download for free on iPad. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for social and mobile apps and developers.

Watch a trailer for Love and Dragons below.