Lucasarts' The Secret of Monkey Island Comes to Facebook

Lucasarts’ classic The Secret of Monkey Island game has been released on Facebook, and marks the first point-and-click adventure to make the jump. This is a huge step forward for Facebook gaming and is undoubtedly a sign of things to come. Classic text-based and point-and-click adventures are a great match with the new generation of casual Facebook game players, and represent a slightly deeper experience for these new game players that are looking for something more.

The Secret of Monkey Island was initially released 20 years ago, in 1990, and is akin to playing through a humorous adventure novel. The player is set in the role of Guybrush Threepwood and set on the Caribbean island of Melee. His goal is to become a pirate, and along the way he ends up in a series of more outlandish situations. The game is full of interesting puzzles, humorous dialogue and simplistic action scenes. Don’t let the age of the game fool you, the graphics have been overhauled and are now equivalent to any Flash game on the market today.

There’s no doubt that a huge segment of Facebook game naysayers are going to have to revisit their thoughts after they hear about this news. This is a classic game to almost anyone that played PC games years ago, and if this is successful we can expect to see more of these quest type games being released. I, personally, am really excited to see Sierra realize this is the way to go and release their Space Quest, Police Quest and Hero Quest games here as well.

You can play the 20 minute demo for free, but if you’re interested in the full game it costs $9.99, which frankly, is a great deal for this game. Check it out now! Also interesting to note is that the game is brought to you by InstantAction, and their technology means you can even embed the game no matter where you are. This type of connected everywhere game is really a whole new level of gaming we’re likely to see soon!