Lufthansa’s MySkyStatus Updates Facebook, Twitter For You While You Fly

Facebook and Twitter users now have a way to keep followers updated when flying the friendly skies with a new service from Lufthansa called MySkyStatus, announced earlier this week. It sends status updates to Facebook and Twitter while travelers are in the air; messages include altitude, location and departure and arrival times to keep followers on the ground in the know.

The service is offered exclusively through Lufthansa, but works for any airline. While there are more and more airlines offering inflight internet services, this is an easy way to keep colleagues and followers up-to-date on exactly when and where you are when you’re in the air and can’t update through the Web or mobile phone.

Updating the progress of a flight is may seem like a little bit of overkill, but it can be especially beneficial to those on the ground who are expecting you, or more importantly, waiting to pick you up. As flight times and delays can often alter schedules, having constant updates of exactly when a friend or colleague is landing can help save valuable time lost while sitting in airports waiting for someone to arrive on a flight that has been unexpectedly delayed.

Lufthansa doesn’t have much of a presence on Facebook, but the new service should help bring a little more recognition to the brand within the network to get them a little closer to industry leaders on Facebook like Southwest Airlines and AirAsia. Lufthansa has built-in branding in every update, so even those using the service for flights on other carriers will still be delivering some free advertising.