The Mac and Cheese School of Journalism

Also known as - For whom the viral video bell tolls.

Jackson Mitchell, a journalism student and the digital editor of University of Connecticut student newspaper The Daily Campus, has a solid chronology of the coverage build for this week’s viral video of a drunk fellow student bringing an open container into the campus cafeteria and getting very upset when denied the opportunity to purchase some bacon jalapeno mac and cheese. After tracing the sites through which this Oct. 5 Web video initially hopscotched, Mitchell shares a reminder of how things that aren’t necessarily news get spread today as such:

Kelly McBride, vice president of academic affairs at the Poynter Institute and one of its chief media ethicists, said there are many websites “that aren’t necessarily news organizations, but they are based on the BuzzFeed model of finding content that has the potential to go viral.”

According to Mitchell, some additional gooey bytes were left on a UConn tickets-exchange Facebook page. There, students offered up related T-shirts for sale while others re-posted screenshots grabbed from the Snapchat feed of the student in the video, Luke Gatti.

Mitchell for his piece also spoke to a professor and got this very telling quote from a fellow journalism student:

“I don’t feel like a single journalist – professional or student journalist – is getting the story of the backbone of the problems here,” Alyssa Rametta, a seventh-semester journalism major said. “Of the privilege that our generation has, of the entitlement that they feel to get served, to get whatever they want on demand.”

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