Luke Russert’s Dateline Debut

Poor Luke Russert. When we heard the news that his first report for Dateline on NBC would be airing this past Sunday, we got excited for him. It’s not everyday that a Capitol Hill correspondent has a crossover hit and goes big-time with a Dateline feature. It was an examination of the case of Jon-Adrian “JJ” Velazquez, a man convicted of murder and set to spend his life in jail. After Velazquez sent repeated letters to Dateline proclaiming his innocence, Russert took on the case of “JJ”. Sadly, news of Whitney Houston’s death pushed the Dateline episode back an hour to 8pm. Meaning it was now going head to head with the Grammy awards. Luke made the announcement on Twitter.

Luke then spent his Sunday making sure EVERYONE knew about the lineup change. He engaged his fans who were proclaiming that they were DVR’ing the Grammys so that they could watch Russert’s debut. He answered questions about how much work he put into the piece. He retweeted a fan whose husband wanted to watch the Grammys, so she went to watch the show in another room. All told, he tweeted or retweeted about his Dateline show 38 times in one day. While we can’t really fault Russert for  pushing his debut, he was definitely clogging our Twitter feed with his self-promotion. And if you missed it? Have no fear. Russert is already tweeting today about where to watch it online.