Lulu Launches new Epub Creator

The POD service Lulu pushed further into eBook distribution today with the relaunch of its Epub Creator.

This tool, which we last reported on a couple weeks back, is an automatic converter which functions something like the Meatgrinder converter that SmashWords uses. But Lulu’s tool includes several useful features that place it several steps above the competition.

First and foremost, the Lulu Epub Creator only makes Epub, and that enables it to refine the output so it looks better. But the Epub Creator also incorporates a number of basic error fixes, including checking for formatting problems and font issues.

“Our main goal is help creators sell more books,” says Bob Young, CEO and Founder of Lulu.  “The key is to maximize the way their customers discover and purchase works. Through our industry-leading array of professional publishing services, we’re empowering creators to publish and sell the way they, and their readers, want.”

The Epub Creator accepts many office formats, including RTF, Word, and Open Office formats, and it outputs standards compliant Epub that authors can choose to distribute to the Nook Store and iBooks as well as sell the eBook through Lulu.


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