Lulu Launches New Partnership with Barnes & Noble

The self-pub platform Lulu and B&N, owners of the second most popular ebook reader,  announced today that they will be forming a new cooperative relationship. Lulu customers will find it easier than ever before to make and distribute their eBooks through the Barnes & Noble Nook Store.

Lulu got its start in 2002 as a POD self-pub service, and with the rise of eBooks it has expanded into both selling and distributing Epub. “This partnership is another step in our passionate effort to help Lulu creators reach more readers and sell more books,” says Bob Young, Founder and CEO of Lulu. “We expect that eBooks, which represents the greatest area of opportunity for our creators, will continue to evolve rapidly and the NOOK reaches a whole new audience of readers to discover and purchase our creators’ remarkable works.”

Lulu offers distribution through iBooks and the Nook Store, as well as a number of services that any self-published author might appreciate. There’s also an extensive collection of formatting, design, and marketing tips on the help pages.

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