Lumix FX90 Camera Can Send Photos Through Your Phone to Facebook

The cameras embedded in phones have gotten pretty good over the years. They’ve come a long way since the days of postage stamp sized fuzzy purple tinted photos produced by early cameraphones. But, as good as some of the cameras used in phones are today, there are times you probably wished you could quickly send a truly high quality image from a good compact camera wirelessly. That’s what Panasomic is trying to deliver with the new camera under their Lumix brand.

Lumix DMC-FX90K (product page)

The Lumix DMC-FX90 is a 12 megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom with optical stabilzation. In general it looks like a typical high quality Lumix camera model. What differntiates it is the combination of WiFi in the camera and onboard intelligence that lets it work with a smartphone to deliver photos and videos directly from the phone. The camera can store login information about your social networks to simply the process of uploading photos to, for example, Facebook.

Neither the release date nor the price for the Lumix DMC-FX90 has been released yet.

Via Panasonic Lumix FX90 gets Wi-Fi connectivity

Video courtesy of Panasonic