Macmillan to Launch Afictionado eBook Subscription Service

A new Netflix-style eBook subscription service just came out stealth today, and it looks like it’s going to be a serious challenge to Amazon, whose service was leaked on Sunday.

Afictionado is scheduled to launch in January of 2012, and according to the site it’s only going to serve the UK market. There’s no word yet on which publishers will be participating, but at the very least you will be able to find Macmillan eBooks offered by the service.

Prices haven’t been set yet, but Afictionado plans to offer 2 different plans. One would allow for 2 eBooks to be checked out at a time and the other lets the user get up to 4 eBooks at a time. The eBooks are borrowed for 2 week periods and will be automatically returned at the end (thanks to the Adobe DRM wrapped around the files). The eBooks are readable on most eBook readers and several apps, and Afictionado plans to offer its own apps as part of the service.

Afictionado is still signing publishers. It boasts a 60/40 revenue split and it promises not to work directly with authors or their agents. if you were wondering about whether this is a Macmillan sub, that should remove all doubt.

Given that the service won’t launch until January, it seems likely that Afictionado announced this week because of the leaks on Sunday about Amazon offering a similar service. Luckily for Amazon, this service won’t work with the Kindle.