Madam’s Organ to Host Party to Mock Snyder

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the saga of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his lawsuit against WCP.

Just in case, to bring you up to speed:

Snyder is seeking $2 million in “unspecified damages” plus more in punitive damages and court costs because he says the paper libeled him in a series of articles, including a cover story from November by WCP‘s Dave McKenna. WCP‘s publisher, Amy Austin, has refused to back down, despite threats from Snyder’s representation that the lawsuit would “presumably quickly outstrip the asset value” of the paper. She maintains that there’s nothing wrong with the articles the paper has published: “The facts are correct.”

Tonight, Bill Duggan, the owner of Madam’s Organ in D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood, is hosting a benefit for the paper.

The party will feature a four foot tall custom piñata designed to look like Snyder (“pretty much life size”), an “anatomically correct nude Daniel Snyder cake” for party-goers to “gag on,” and a number of actually cool prizes. Among them: a trip to Costa Rica, sports tickets, and dinner at the Watergate. Proceeds go to WCP’s legal defense fund.

Madam’s Organ has made an event page on Facebook and implores you not to “let this rich twit silence the press through litigation.” The party starts at 7.

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