Zynga Runs Guerrilla Mafia Wars Campaign In Hermosa Beach, CA

At 13th Street and Pier Ave., right on the pathway in front of the Hermosa Beach House in Hermosa Beach, CA, lies a pile of money, or so it seems. Upon closer inspection, it appears that these are not your average U.S. currency. These are stickers, $25,000 bill stickers from the Mafia Wars Mint Collection labeled “Mafia Wars Illegal Tender.”

Spotted, darkly dressed in the night, was a street team of about eight who were placing the stickers and documenting the scene with photos at about 9pm PST. Shortly thereafter the bills could be found all over Hermosa Beach, piled up on corners and scattered down the sidewalk and up stairways. All this in the name of promotion – for Mafia Wars Las Vegas, the newest crime city level unlocked in the massively popular game.

A QR code on the bills takes you to www.mafiawarslv.com (although I was hoping it would give me $25,000 in the game). Zynga is trying to get 10 million people to play the Las Vegas level in the game, at which point they will blow up a real armored truck in Las Vegas to celebrate. Right now the count is well over 6 million and rising every second.

Definitely a cool promotion, and random that they chose Hermosa Beach on a Wednesday night. The pier is always busy, but it’s quiet along the beach path that runs in between the sand and the multi-million dollar celebrity homes after dark. It is unclear how many of the skateboarding or bike riding teenagers actually stopped to check out the display.

As the Mafia Wars Las Vegas player count climbs higher and higher in the next few days, watch out for a similar promotion coming to a town near you. And keep your eyes on the website, where the armored car explosion event will be broadcast live from Las Vegas.