Mail Online Sues Gawker

Another day, another lawsuit.

It has been a rough year for Gawker. On top of all the idiocy associated with outing a married man and the seemingly never-ending legal battle with Terry Eugene Bollea (Hulk Hogan) that technically hasn’t even started yet, Gawker now has to deal with another lawsuit.

Mail Online is suing Gawker Media and writer James King for his Gawker piece “My Year Ripping Off The Web With The Daily Mail.” As you can tell, King had less than flattering things to say about Mail Online in the article.

The Mail Online’s lawyers are suing Gawker and King for defamation, claiming that “The Mail’s reputation, goodwill, and business have been damaged,” as a result of King’s piece.

In a statement issued to The Washington Post, Gawker brushed off the lawsuit:

While we’re not surprised that the Daily Mail doesn’t like what James King had to say about his time working there, this baseless complaint doesn’t even attempt to refute the vast majority of the author’s detailed anecdotes about his experience as a Daily Mail writer.

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