Major Titles Show Major Gains On This Weeks List of Fastest Growing Facebook Games by DAU

This week’s list of fastest growing Facebook games by daily active users is utterly dominated by Wooga’s Diamond Dash. We’ve been talking about this game for several weeks now as it started a mad rush up the charts in late March and hasn’t looked back since. This colorful match 3 gem game has an above average monthly retention percentage of 24%. Along with Wooga’s other games Monster World, Bubble Island, and Happy Hospital, Diamond Dash has helped move Wooga into the fourth position on the Facebook game developer leaderboard. According to AppData (our metrics service for analyzing the trends and performance of the top games and developers on Facebook), Social Point is now in fifth place with Playdom falling to sixth.

Also showing a large increase in traffic this week is Kabam’s strategy game, Dragons of Atlantis. This core game seems to be struggling a bit to hold on to its DAU and continue growing — after a large dip in activity earlier this month it has pushed its way back to just above its previous all-time highs but now appears to be plateauing. Dragons of Atlantis’ DAU as a percentage of monthly active users is only around 13%; a number that is quite a bit lower than the top games on Facebook right now.

Also, many other large developer have titles that are making appearances on this week’s list. Zynga’s CityVille is still showing growth and great engagement at 19.7 million DAU, while the Chinese version of FarmVille grew to 433,000 DAU this week and Texas Hold’Em Poker has crested over 7 million DAU. Other large and familiar favorites this week include PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz and EA’s Monopoly Millionaires.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Diamond Dash – by wooga 735,608 +202,244 +38%
2. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,024,929 +91,229 +1%
3. Dragons of Atlantis 406,558 +78,830 +24%
4. 開心水族箱 1,277,045 +74,713 +6%
5. Monopoly Millionaires 873,908 +69,013 +9%
6. Tetris Battle 502,423 +65,594 +15%
7. 開心農場 1,131,361 +54,564 +5%
8. Wild Ones 582,564 +47,792 +9%
9. Pet Society 1,552,520 +39,949 +3%
10. Social Empires 150,616 +39,648 +36%
11. Zombie Lane 300,578 +33,935 +13%
12. FarmVille 中文版 433,098 +33,740 +8%
13. Lionside Football: Play Free Football & Soccer! 60,730 +30,982 +104%
14. Komşu Çiftlik 788,224 +30,460 +4%
15. TrainCity 110,010 +27,099 +33%
16. 131,601 +26,480 +25%
17. Mall World 807,311 +24,195 +3%
18. Clash of Kingdoms 29,323 +21,876 +294%
19. My Shops 303,617 +21,299 +8%
20. 小小戰爭 687,043 +17,575 +3%

Tetris Battle is the official multiplayer Tetris game developed by Tetris Online. This interesting rendition of Tetris follows a typical “versus” style gameplay, in which the player is paired up with random strangers (or their Facebook friends) and attempts to beat them at a game of Tetris. Players earn higher ranks, Tetris Cash, and additional perks for winning battles against people. Though the game is rather fun and polished, it seems to lack real motivation to spend money. At this time, Tetris Cash is used to buy alternative styling for the game pieces themselves or to refill energy (which is used to initiate games). Tetris Battle launched in July of last year and is currently at its all time high DAU of 502,000.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

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