Majority of Mags Use Editorial Staff to Create Native Ads

Create, then sell!

If you want to work as a magazine journalist or staff writer, you better be prepared to pen some ads. That’s one takeaway from a Folio study, which surveyed 140 magazine execs about how they produced their sponsored content. A whopping 68 percent said they used editorial staffers.

Only 31 percent of the surveyed execs use a dedicated ad studio to create native ads and just 24 percent use a separate ad team.

Ironically, the magazine execs said their number one concern about native advertising is “lack of seperation of the editorial and the commercial side.”

Not that the execs think using editorial staffers to produce ads is going to hurt the sponsored content revolution. In fact, 79 percent said they expect sponsored content to take up a higher share of ad revenues this year than in the past.