Majority of Wright’s Eames Auction Canceled Due to Last Minute Lawsuit

(Photo: Wright)

For months, we’ve been talking about the Wright‘s Charles and Ray Eames auction of the century, which would find the entire collection of the official Eames Office archivists, John and Marilyn Neuhart. Even just this week we were telling you to keep an eye out for the sale, which was such to fetch a few hundred thousand dollars at least and be all the talk of the modernism collectors. But at the last minute, a majority of the auction items were withdrawn, pulled due to a lawsuit filled by the Eames’ daughter Lucia, “asserting that the family owns the material.” According to her, the Neuharts had been trusted to maintain the collection and were never intended to have rights to sell off any of her parents’ pieces. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Marilyn Neuhart said she was disappointed by the move and added, “The family wants to make sure they control everything Eames. Anyone from the outside doing something with their work is subject to a lot of grief.” Wright pulled a large portion of the auction, but pieces not connected to the Neuharts still went on the block.