How Content Creators Make Money On YouTube

When you first start out on YouTube views are everything. The rush you get when you log on to YouTube to see that you’ve broken 10,000 then 50,000 then 100,000 views is like nothing else. However, when you are consistently getting thousands of video views, what’s the next step? How do content creators take their videos to the next level and start making money on YouTube?

There are currently several ways for content creators to monetize their videos on YouTube’s platform. There are several prerequisites, including requirements that creators must upload original content, get thousands of views and have permission to monetize content. However, if these requirements are met, creators have been known to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars off of the videos they upload to YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program

Becoming a part of YouTube’s Partner Program is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube. The Partner Program has many benefits, the most appealing of which is monetization. Partners share revenue that comes from InVideo overlay ads and rentals. Partners also have the opportunity to participate in branded entertainment opportunities as well.

In addition to monetization, partners can take advantage of higher quality video, branded channel options, and Insight analytics to help partners learn about their audience and increase their viewership. Partners are also featured on YouTube’s homepage, leading to more views and more opportunities for monetization.

Some of the most popular YouTube Partners include Nigahiga, Fred, ShaneDawsonTV, Smosh, RayWilliamJohnson, and Universal Music Group. If you are already uploading original, creative content on a regular basis and getting thousands of views then apply to become a partner. If accepted, you could turn your hobby into your full time job.

According to MediaPost, YouTube’s head of product management Hunter Walk says, “We have hundreds of people making thousands of dollars, and dozens are making tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands. People are quitting their jobs to build content for the site.”

YouTube Individual Video Partnerships

When YouTube first launched their Partner Program they focused on partnering with power users – users that uploaded new content regularly and consistently got a lot of views. However, they broadened their partnership opportunities to include popular videos with their Individual Video Partnership (IVP) program.

YouTube reaches out to creators with videos that accumulate a lot of views – videos like David After Dentist and Otters holding hands – and invite the creator to monetize the video and share revenue earned from it. This is a perfect way for creators that don’t upload new content often enough for the Partnership Program to monetize on YouTube.

YouTube Video Rentals

MediaPost reported that YouTube engineers are currently working on a self-service rental method. This will give content creators the ability to provide their content for rent and to share in a portion of the profits. It is currently unclear about whether this service will be available to everyone or just to specific types of users. However, once users are able to charge rental fees for their videos a whole new way to make money on YouTube will be born. Rentals could signify a new era for web video revenue share.

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