‘Manifest’ Wants To Turn Photo Sharing Into A ‘Social Weapon’

In an era when social apps like Instagram take the rights to your photos, a new photosharing app called Manifest aims to be a “social weapon” for user communications.

The new app, which is available for iPhone and Android users, was created by two Russian development teams with the goal of providing an outlet in which users can share and comment on photos of the world around them from a political point of view using templates. For example, users can share photos of politicians, for example, and then others in the community can give the photo a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on their opinion of the person in the photo.

Here is how the app describes itself in iTunes: “We don’t want politicians to speak for us. We don’t want marketers to manipulate us. We don’t want the media to decide who we are. We have our own opinions. We have our own voices. We will speak out and our voices will be heard.”