Manually Updated My Droid to Android OS 2.1: Woo Hoo!

I’m too impatient to wait for the Android OS 2.1 update to be pushed to my Droid. So, after reading Frank’s blog item last night, I followed the link to and manually updated my Droid to 2.1.

It Really Did Happen, Android 2.1 Now Being Pushed To Droids

This update brings it functionality similar to the Nexus One. You can read about my experience updating that device to 2.1-Update1 in February.

Manually Updated My Nexus One: Browser, Maps, Gallery Pinch-to-Zoom Video Demo

Unlike the Nexus One, the updated Droid only has three customizable home pages. But, that is not a limitation for me. It does bring a number of welcome feature additions to the Droid though. This includes:

– Pinch-to-zoom across applications
– The dynamic live desktops (I like this feature a lot more than I expected before trying it on the Nexus One)
– The ability to view PicasaWeb photos without actually downloading all the photos

The Droid replaced the iPhone 3G as my primary data phone. So, these are extremely welcome feature additions.

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